Benefits of meditation and SKY ( Sudarshan Kriya Yoga)

23. Dezember 2017 von Michael Friedrich Vogt
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23. Dezember 2017 Benefits of meditation and SKY ( Sudarshan Kriya Yoga)

Breathing is the first act of life. Within the breath is the unexplored secret of life. Kamlesh Patel invites one to know benefits of meditation and SKY.

Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful yet simple rhythmic breathing technique that incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath, harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. It was discovered by Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation. Sri Sri is a global humanitarian and a peace leader whose vision is to create a stress free, violence free society with a broader vision for world peace.The technique of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (SKY) eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving the mind calm,

In our day to day lives, have you observed, how much time do we take to come out of negative emotions – anger, irritation, frustration, sadness? It takes a lot of time but through SKY, learn to skillfully use the breath to change the way you feel, having a say over emotions in a few minutes. The emotions don’t rule us anymore. Imagine, every day, if anger, irritation, jealousy, fear is replaced with joy, smile, deep breaths and happy life!

SKY practitioners have reported better immunity, increased stamina and sustained high-energy levels.
Few of the benefits of SKY in published research are highlighted below:

Why is Sudarshan Kriya Yoga so unique?
Day follows night, seasons come and go, a tree sheds it old leaves to get new ones. This is nature’s rhythm. Now, being a part of nature, there is a by-default rhythm within us, the biological rhythm of the body, mind and emotion. When stress or illness throws these biological rhythms out of order, we experience discomfort, discontent, and feel upset and unhappy.
SKY harmonizes the rhythms of the body, emotions and puts them back in tune with the rhythms of nature. Being in rhythm, we feel good about ourselves, love flows naturally in all relationships. SKY has benefited millions of people on this planet making their lives a celebration! Come give yourself this precious gift from Art of Living Foundation worldwide presented.

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