Parkinson treatment and Neuropsychogy

16. Dezember 2017 von Michael Friedrich Vogt
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16. Dezember 2017 Parkinson´s disease treatment based on Permanent acupuncture.

Parkinson´s disease is an illness that is suffered all around the world by patients of various ages and nationalities. Although Parkinon´s disease does not have a cure, it can be treated with a large number of drugs. The drugs used to treat patients have a large number of side-effects for men and women taking these drugs.

Is there an alternative to treating patients? Is there another offer that is not harmful for patients?

Yes, there is an alternative for patients. Acupuncture is an alternative that would reduce symptoms and would help patients gradually to reduce the amount of drugs and medication needed. Acupuncture has proven in clinical trials that is a valid alternative and many patients around the world would benefit from this treatment.

Acupuncture as well as other fields in the patient assistance has improved and is improving day after day. Ten years ago a visionary thaought about a new possibility for acupuncture, an option that would help the patient every day without the need going to the acupuncturist ever so often.

The alternative a is a permanent needle, this needle would work as an implant and help and stimulate the patient permanently. After years studying and trying diferente alternatives the permanent needle was born. A needle that would work as implant with permanent benefits without the need changing, recharging or stimulating. This needle would not be invasive or harmful but would be completely safe and small enough to be discrete.

in these programs Dr. Werth will explain how this needle works, all its benefits and what to expect form the patients point of view. Let´s discover a new option for patients that would like improve their health and life quality without the need of drugs and medication. We are sure that this information will help you in your life´s journey. We will cover information at various levels, but if you have a question, please contact us at Alfredo Muñoz G.


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