Blitzkrieg, State of Emergency, & Immigration Chaos – Can Germany still be saved?

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october 21st, 2016 (editorial staff) Germany finds itself in the gravest riots. Millions of migrants, exiles, refugees, smuggled-in terrorists, overstressed systems and passive politicians create the overall picture. The bloody terrorist attacks, revealing a completely helpless federal government in the summer of 2016, show: Within a single year, Germany has fundamentally changed.

But still the mass media and the politicians decree official discretion, a necessary public discussion is forbidden. Whoever tries to do so, gets immediatly villainised as right-wing extremist conspirator by Germany’s „quality journalists“.

Today, after summer of 2016, increasing alarm signals indicate, that Germany is in a far worse situation than even several free journalists and warning voices feared for. In the beginning of August 2016, several meaningful documents surfaced:

  1. Excerpts from a federal government’s new emergency situation plan for imminent catastrophes weres published, according to which politicians are obviously bracing for kind of „state of emergency“ situations.
  2. In the beginning of August 2016, the ZDF aired an explosive interview with the well-known CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach and a high-ranking police commander from Bavaria. Keynote: Germany is in serious trouble, authorities and politicians can no longer cope with the demands. Only few days after the Interview, Bosbach resigned from all his duties.
  3. By end of July 2016, a former IS-terrorist’s testimony, announcing a near-term blitzkrieg for Germany, was proven true by numerous bloody attacks, with neither the mass media nor the ministry of the interior seeming to recognize any connection to the information provided by this testimony. Again and again, high-rankig terrorists of the IS confirm to erect and proclamate a caliphate in Germany and Austria – nevertheless, the citizens don’t come to know anything about this danger. Neither by the media, nor by the politicians.

By the way, chancellor Merkel recommended during her summer-press-conference, that women would not have to „resign to sexual assaults“. And, incidentally, she mentioned, that she wasn’t too surprised, that there had been refugees among the perpetrators of the current terror-attacks. That was understood and normal, she said. After her month-long aggressive denial, that refugees could pose any danger, that was an outragious commentary – of course hardly mentioned by the mainstream media.

This video shows disturbing examples of the politician’s and mass media’s incapability if not unwillingness to protect Germany and the german citizens.

This report is addressed to all the victims of today’s crisis, both, the German population and the real refugees, coming to Germany since 2015, along with millions of other migrants and often forced to live in inhumane shelters.


sources: Youtube, Wiki commons and various screenshots

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